ram falls forestry trunk road south of Rocky Mountain House

Alberta Landscapes Photography

by Darwin A. Mulligan

Alberta is my home province. We have everything from scenery such as mountains and forests to the Calgary Stampede, West Edmonton Mall, and the Edmonton Indy races. Edmonton and Calgary have “the Battle of Alberta” – with the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames hockey teams, and the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders football teams. As an Alberta landscape photographer, capturing the essence of my home province is one of my passions.


Edmonton skyline during the blue hour just before night time.  This photo was taken with special permission from a condo owner high up  in a condo on Saskatchewan Drive.

Northern-Lights-Edmonton-Alberta- Big Dipper

Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights.  This photograph was captured north of Edmonton on a cool Sept evening.  The almost full moon lights up the landscape. You can even see the Big Dipper !


Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights.  This photograph was captured at about 2:00am in my backyard in Edmonton


This image was created in the early morning on an overcast, cold, foggy day at Pyramid Lake, Jasper National Park.  To me, the maple leaf on the canoe and the wilderness feel of the image captures what people think of when you mention CANADA.

Pier at Gull Lake, Alberta at Sunrise

I did a photo shoot with 2 Corvettes at Gull Lake.  I had to get up before 2:00 am and drive for a couple hours to get to this location at Sunrise.   This is the pier at Gull Lake.

Highway 771 Alberta Zombie Fog before sunrise

This pre-dawn image was captured on Highway 771 in Central Alberta.   I was driving to do a photo shoot with 2 Corvettes and came across this scene with Zombie Fog.   Of course, I needed to stop to capture the photo!

Milky Way Red Rock Coulee Medicine Hat Seven Persons Orion Alberta

Night time photography of Milky Way, captured at Red Rock Coulee.  Red Rock Coulee is located south west of Medicine Hat near Seven Persons and Orion

Sunset behind Red Rock Coulee Medicine Hat Seven Persons Orion Alberta

The sun peaks out behind a rock at Red Rock Coulee.  Of all the previous times I have photographed at this remote location in Southern Alberta, I have been the only person there (or maybe one or two other people).  This time, there must have been 20 or 30 people there for sunset

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Red Rock Coulee Medicine Hat Seven Persons Orion Alberta

Aurora Borealis, commonly referred to as the Northern Lights,  at Red Rock Coulee, Southern Alberta

Picnic Table Medicine Hat Red Rock Coulee Seven Persons Orion Alberta

A lone picnic table is all that is there to greet you when you arrive at a remote location in Southern Alberta called Red Rock Coulee.

Peyto Lake Banff National Park Alberta

Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The lake itself is easily accessed from the Icefields Parkway. It was named for Bill Peyto, an early trail guide and trapper in the Banff area.


Get up early in the morning, drive out to the boat launch at Pyramid Lake, in Jasper National Park, and get rewarded with a nice sunrise plus some fog!


Early morning, a great sunrise and some fog.  Just another day at work!


At Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park, even a cold, rainy day allows a person to photograph and capture some great images as all the tourists are snuggled all warm back in their hotel rooms!

cold winter alberta landscape scene with trees

This photograph is named “BRRR”. It has  won an award with the Professional Photographers of Canada. It was created on a very cold -40 degree winter evening as part of the photography required for a book that I was photographing all the images for. It’s a seasonal “Decorating & Crafts” book, published by Lone Pine Publishing.


Ram Falls is a nice drive on the Forestry Trunk Road south of Rocky Mountain House


This is a close up view of the top of Ram Falls on the Forestry Trunk Road


The Walterdale Bridge is a great looking piece of Engineering!


The skyline of downtown Edmonton is continually changing as new buildings are being constructed.  This photo was taken from the Muttart Conservatory area with a telephoto lens at dusk.


I captured this image of Downtown Edmonton from the boat launch of the Edmonton River Queen.   The photo was captured during “blue hour” – the time after sunset before it gets dark.

Northern Lights_Aurora Borealis_Edmonton Canada in May

This image of the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights was captured on a cool Sept night, north of Edmonton, near Bon Accord.  The Big Dipper is viewable in the image.  The highway is lightpainted with a flashlight.  The almost-full moon lights up the landscape

Medicine Lake Jasper National Park Alberta

Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park is a place of mystery and Indian legend.  It has  a unique underground drainage system, the water level of the lake vary from season to season.  Sometimes the lake actually disappears! Early Indians once thought that “spirits” were responsible for the dramatic fluctuations in the water levels of the lake.

Medicine Lake Jasper National Park Alberta

This photograph of Athabasca Falls located in Jasper National Park is just a short walk from the parking lot.  A slower camera shutter speed accentuates the movement of water

Bow Lake Banff National Park

This photograph of Bow Lake was captured at the very end of May.  At this elevation, there is still lots of ice on the lake!

Herbert Lake Banff National Park early morning reflection

The best time to photograph Herbert Lake is from sunrise to very early morning.  As soon as a breeze comes along, the reflections will disappear.

Sunrise at Lake Louise in Banff National Park

Lake Louise in Banff National Park is one of the most photographed lakes in Canada.  Lake Louise is only steps away from Chateau Lake Louise and is constantly inundated with crowds of tourists – even very early in summer at sunrise!

Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park

One of the nicest things being a landscape photographer is capturing beautiful locations at sunrise.  Usually, all the tourists are still snuggled up in bed.  On this particular morning, a “splash” of sunlight hits the far edge of Lake Minnewanka located in Banff National Park – only for a few seconds.  Still, it was long enough to create this image.

Mistaya Canyon slow motion waterfall black and white

This is a photograph of Mistaya Canyon, located in Banff National Park. When I hiked to this located, the sunlight was still a bit harsh, so I decided that a black and white image would make the photo look better.  A slow camera shutter speed accentuates the flow of water.

sunrise at Moraine Lake late May

Sunrise at Moraine Lake, only a couple days after Moraine Lake Road opened.  Even getting up at 4 am in late May, there still are tourists and other photographers at this iconic location.  The lake is very low this early in the season and will fill up as the snow pack melts.

sunrise at the boat dock at Pyramid Lake Jasper National Park

Sunrise on Pyramid Mountain, Pyramid Lake boat dock, Jasper National Park.

Pyramid Lake reflection, early morning

Very early morning results in a great reflection.  Pyramid Lake, Jasper National Park

Tree reflections in Pyramid Lake

Early morning tree reflections in Pyramid Lake.  You can see all the dead trees from the pine beetle, but the color matches nicely with the green trees!

Sunwapta Falls, slow shutter speed

Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park.  A slow shutter speed adds a nice effect to the water flow.

Two Jack Lake before sunrise

Got up super early to head out to Two Jack Lake in Jasper National Park.  I captured this image in the pre-dawn light before sunrise

Sunset at Vermillion Lakes Banff National Park

Sunset at Vermillion Lakes, on the outskirts of Banff.  Banff National Park

Maligne Lake on a cloudy evening, Jasper National Park

As an Alberta landscape photographer, capturing the essence of my home province is one of my passions.  This photograph of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park was captured on a cold, cloudy evening.  I purposely left out the iconic Maligne Lake Boat House out of the photograph.

Living in Alberta is textbook for “living through the changing seasons”. The Province of Alberta has extreme minimum temperatures ranging from -54C in the North to -46C in Southern Alberta. In the summer, the maximum temperature ranges are from 32C to 40C. The point is that in order for an Alberta landscape photographer to provide the best photographs, they have to be able to handle extreme hot and cold climate. I grew up here. It’s what I know and it’s where I produce my best work.


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