Photographer shoots another photographer

Photographer Shoots Another Photographer

Photographer shoots another photographer

Photographer Shoots Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I was photographing Amanda and Kumail’s engagement session in the scenic trails in Old Glenora, Edmonton. Another photographer was out for a walk and “shot” me !

As you can see from the photograph, if I have to lay down on a sidewalk to capture the image, that’s what will be done! All the time during the shoot, I’m talking and joking with the clients, and making them totally comfortable with “THE EXPERIENCE”. Anyone can press the camera shutter button and “take a picture”, but only a special photographer can provide “THE EXPERIENCE”.

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I would like to thank my friend Mufty Mathewson who shot me! I took my FIRST formal photography lesson from Mufty, and I am eternally grateful for the personal time and attention that she provided. From that first class, I joined IMAGES ALBERTA CAMERA CLUB (where Mufty is a member). From there, my enthusiasm took me to new levels as a Professional Photographer. I owe it all to Mufty!

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