Texas Landscape Photography

by: Darwin A. Mulligan


Just outside Amarillo, Texas are 10 Cadillacs buried, appropriately named “Cadillac Ranch”. The cars were supposedly buried at the same angle as the Great Pyramid at Giza. Almost anytime of the day, you can find people with spray cans of paint practicing the fine art of graffiti on these old cars. To photograph Cadillac Ranch without people, you may find more luck if you are there at sunset, or better yet – sunrise. For more info, click here.

Graffiti Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas painted car
Graffiti and paint cans Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas
Rusty car graffiti Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas
Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas painted cars
Landscape,Amarillo,Texas,Cadillac Ranch,Darwin,Mulligan,photographer
Cadillac Graffiti Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas
Landscape,Amarillo,Texas,Cadillac Ranch,Darwin,Mulligan,photographer
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