Colorado Landscape Photography

by: Darwin A. Mulligan

US Air Force Academy Chapel at Colorado Springs Colorado building detail

Detail photos look great in black and white.  This detail photo is the side of the US Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs.


Another detail photo of the side of the US Air Force Academy Chapel at Colorado Springs.


US Air Force Academy Chapel at Colorado Springs.  The Chapel was designed to look like fighter jets aimed straight up towards heaven.


This image was captured just a few minutes after the top photo was taken.  It was evident that a huge storm was about to hit, so I took off towards Denver.  By the time I got there, a wicked hail storm had hit – major traffic jam plus snow plows cleaning the hail off the streets.  Just a typical day for a landscape photographer.


Detail of the base of the US Air Force Academy Chapel located in Colorado Springs


You could spend days photographing all the details of the US Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs


When photographing the US Air Force Academy Chapel, it is difficult to choose between black and white……. so do both!


A time lapse photograph is able to capture the tail lights of a vehicle driving at night along the Dallas Divide


The highway winds through Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs


A trail leads through the fall colors of a forest in the Lake City area of Colorado


Fall colors rock in Colorado, especially getting lost in the various trails through forests.  This trail is near Crystal City.

wood fence and field Last Dollar Road

A wood fence and field along the Last Dollar Road


A rough trip in a Jeep 4×4 leads up to the photographic icon of Crystal Mill.


A steep “trail” downstream from Crystal Mill results in another great composition.


A person could spend a day photographing the Crystal Mill, but you would miss the Jeep 4×4 trip back down the mountain!


Fall colors at Ashcroft Ghost Town


It is difficult to not stop every couple seconds to take another photograph.  This is a stop along the West Dallas Divide Road.  When I took this photo, I thought it looked like a painting, so I created a “painting-like” photo during post processing.

Colorado Star trails and Milky Way at Dallas Divide

As night falls on this clear, cold fall evening, the stars come out to play.  This time lapse photograph is taken along the Dallas Divide and shows star trails and the Milky Way galaxy.


On a road trip through Colorado, these maple leaves reminded me of back home in Canada.


Maroon Bells is an iconic photography location near Aspen.  In the morning, photographers are lined up with their tripods intertwined with other tripods.  The view reminds me of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

iva,Mesa Verde National Park,Colorado,USA,landscape photography

I had to hand hold my camera in this very small kiva, Mesa Verde National Park, in order to get this photo.


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