Tennessee backroads

Tennessee Landscape Photography

by: Darwin A. Mulligan

Two Z06 Corvettes Tennessee backroads

Nothing compares to a couple of Z06 Corvettes driving through the twisty roads in the backroads of Tennessee!

Z06 Corvettes parked by cornfields, Tennessee

Had to park by the cornfields during our backroads of Tennessee exploration.  The corn was about 9 feet tall!

Abandoned building and my Torch Red Z06 Corvette

There was so much to see during my backroads of Tennessee exploration, I just had to stop!   My Corvette, named “Yvette” just loves to pose for the camera!!

Moonshine hunting in the backroads of Tennessee

I call this photo “Moonshine Hunting in the Backroads of Tennessee”.   No, I did not find moonshine along the way….

Two Z06 Corvettes and abandoned building

Most of the backroads in Tennessee involved photographing the two Z06 C7 Corvettes !

Z06 Corvette on Tennessee backroad

I like this photograph of my Torch Red C7 Corvette  parked on a bridge in some backroad in Tennessee.  The darkness of the trees behind the car sure make the color RED pop!

Scenic backroad of Tennessee

The backroads of Tennessee are very scenic.  It seems like Yvette likes them as well.

Southern Motel Cookeville Tennessee

Southern Motel, Cookeville, Tennessee

Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville

Ernest Tubb Record Shop Nashville

Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Nashville, Tennessee

Jack Daniel's, Nashville Tennessee

Jack Daniel’s Genuine Goods, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Another downtown Nashville, Tennessee photo

Tin Roof Bar, Nashville, Tennessee

Tin Roof Bar, Nashville, Tennessee

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